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Jiangsu Nantong Middle School was funded and set up in 1909 by Zhang Jian, a well-known industrialist and educator in the late Qing Dynasty. It was the first modern middle school in the city of Nantong, and was one of the first provincial key middle schools in Jiangsu Province. The school motto honesty in a man and perseverance in study has achieved striking results in educating people in the last 100 years. Among the graduates, there are 32 martyrs, 20 academicians of Chinese Science Academy and Engineering Academy, 5 sports world champion and a group of great artists. In addition, there are lots of outstanding workers, military political officials working in all fields in society. Jiangsu Nantong Middle School has won many titles from the authorities in recent years: The National Advanced Group in Secondary Education, the National Advanced Unit of spiritual civilization construction, the National 54 Banner Pacesetter, the Advanced School of Quality Education in Jiangsu Province, the Advanced Group of curriculum reform in Jiangsu Province and the Harmonious Campus. The former State President Jiang Zemin has visited Nantong Middle school and wrote an inscription for the school. In recent years, a number of central, provincial and municipal leaders have inspected the school. And more than 100 batches of education delegation all over the country have visited the school and spoken highly of the school's educational performance The school now covers an area of 105 mu, with a total of 2,500 students in 46 classes. Nantong Middle School has an excellent group of teaching profession with modern educational philosophy. Among the teacher, there are 12 renowned Grade Teachers, five professors, and more than 100 senior secondary school teachers.

Cheng Jinping

Chen Wenhui
Vice Principal

Liu Zhongbao
Vice Principal

Shen Huixiang
Vice Principal

Chen Jianyun
Vice Principal
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